City Governance - The Mayor's Perspective / Gouvernance de la ville - La perspective du Maire

Série : The Cities We Need / Les villes qu'il nous faut

What can big cities learn from smaller cities? Are Canada's fiscal and constitutional arrangements good for cities? If the Prime Minister of Canada were here in this room, what would you want to tell him about cities? These were some of the questions MISC asked Mayors from cities across Canada (Mississauga, Yellowknife, Stratford, Halifax, and Chateauguay) in this session of ?The Cities We Need? conference.

With Bonnie Crombie, Mayor, Mississauga, Ontario / Mairesse, Mississauga, Ontario ; Mark Heyck, Mayor, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories / Maire, Yellowknife, Territoires du Nord-Ouest ; Dan Mathieson, Mayor, Stratford, Ontario / Maire, Stratford, Ontario ; Mike Savage, Mayor, Halifax, Nova Scotia / Maire, Halifax, Nouvelle Écosse ; Nathalie Simon, Mayor, Châteauguay, Quebec / Mairesse, Châteauguay, Québec.

Moderator / Mode?ratrice : The Honourable Marlene Jennings, PC, LLB, Former Member of Parliament / Ancienne de?pute?e, Notre-Dame-de-Gra?ce ? Lachine

Production : Université McGill

Durée : 60 min

Thématique abordée


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